Vectra is a provider of network monitoring solutions that are equipped with AI to detect threats within the system. The company’s Cognito platform accelerates threat detections with the help of modified and advanced AI to fill metadata and place it correctly to detect, hunt, and eliminate threats. Vectra has now announced its state-of-the-art global channel partner program. Along with that, improved training and expansion into the commercial market to meet demands for cybersecurity is also announced by the company. 

The new partner program is diverted towards improving the current framework, increasing partnership investments, and allowing partners to run their business. 

“Vectra has always been a channel-focused company and we are thrilled to roll out new benefits that strengthen the way our partners conduct business,” said Hitesh Sheth, President, and CEO at Vectra. “NDR is gaining unprecedented traction and we look forward to strengthening our partnerships with a scalable partner framework and training program,” said Sheth.

The new Vectra program is divided into three sections based on the organization’s market approach

  • Sell (Resell Vectra)
  • Deliver services (deliver Vectra services with partner solutions)
  • Manage Services ((implement Vectra as a managed service)

Tera Davis, Co-owner and managing director of Critical Start said “It is refreshing to see an industry leader take direct guidance from its customers and partners,”. “We are excited to participate in the enhanced Vectra program as it will allow us to address the unique needs of our commercial and midsized customers. This newly modernized channel partner program truly allows us to make our engagement with Vectra our own.”

Orange CyberDefense is also planning to work side by side with Vectra using the partner program. Grant Paling, global services product manager at Orange CyberDefense said: “We are excited to be working with Vectra,”. He also said “The strong focus on network detection and response compliments our service offering perfectly, as Orange CyberDefense provides managed capabilities for both holistic visibility and actionable insights that allow customers to secure their widening digital footprints from attack. The introduction of the Vectra partner program has further helped to improve the ease of engagement through better flexibility and alignment to our model as a managed security services provider.”

Vectra was recently recognized in the Gartner 2020 Market Guide for NDR.