For more than 50 years Vertafore has provided insurance defined tech solutions to connect each node of the distribution channel. ClarionDoor is the provider of insurance industry’s most intelligent product distribution platform via cloud-based tech defined modern solutions. And now, both giants have partnered up to provide a modern MGA distribution network. The network will be streamlined using the Vertafore AIM platform and ClarionDoor’s MGA Hub. Both teams will deliver an outstanding MGA distribution experience simultaneously. 

Vertafore’s AIM platform provides leading market MGA solutions and simplifies underwriting along with claims operation. AIMS is designed to increase the speed-to-market ratio while maintaining precision along the process. The reason for the partnership between Vertafore and ClarionDoor is real-time interaction with carrier channels. Through this, both companies can look through their ways from a broader perspective. 

James Thom, Vertafore’s senior VP of corporate development and strategy said “We are thrilled to be working with ClarionDoor to help our joint customers gain new efficiencies and unlock more growth as they can reduce manual processes and write business even faster”. He also said, “Our goal at Vertafore is to improve the flow and speed of information across the insurance distribution channel”.

With this collaboration, users can benefit from AIM and can have a stronger relationship between retail agencies and ClarionDoor will accelerate this process with their advanced systems. Combining these two solutions is really a game-changer for MGAs distribution,” said Michael DeGusta, CEO ClarionDoor. Integration of AIM and ClarionDoor’s MGA Hub will boost the MGA distribution and users will face a well-curated experience like never before.  Read to know more.