Lenovo has launched a partner program for better collaboration of its partners with Lenovo’s sales team. With new Partners Hub, partners can grow their business across both PCSD ( Lenovo Intelligent Devices Group’s PCs & Smart Devices) and DCG (Data Center Group) platforms. The integration of new analytics capabilities makes the portal a single node to tools and personalized information that matches the partner’s needs. 

Lenovo also said that the new hub also shows the information related to partners’ business needs. Moreover, the personalized sales dashboard allows partners to see sales performance and KPI tracking better performance. With the new platform, partners can see the sales summaries so they can close deals in a faster way. The company has also added a new feature called Lenovo Bid Platform. Bid Platform fills in as a price calculator for clients using both PCSD and DCG. In general, Lenovo Partner Hub access to essentials details like deal registration, new customer bonus, and discount codes. Furthermore, there are also dedicated tabs for viewing product catalogs and new leads. Using an intelligent pricing option, the partner hub calculates new customer and acquisition rewards. It also provides the opportunity to get a quote on orders and get bonuses on those orders. 

Lenovo is moving towards a strategy called “Channel First” and partner hub is one of their many moves.