YPB Group Ltd. is moving to the top of the success graph and has signed two new partners based in China. With the three-year lease, the company is expected to make around $75,000 in the first year of the contract. The joint venture with Suzhou-Haishun Packaging Material Co Ltd and Beijing Haihui Printing Co Ltd will help YPB in entering China’s pharmaceutical market and as well as in the label printing business.

YPB Group CEO John Houston released a statement saying, “Securing two new, high-quality China channel partners in new end-customer segments that are immediately revenue-generating and with the sales process occurring through the difficulties of COVID-19 reflects the increasing effectiveness of our revised China sales strategy”. 

With the sales division’s new strategy, the group is expecting a lot of business opportunities in China and is continuing to build more relations in the Chinese business sector for better and effective momentum. The Australian-based company has a plan for expansion by entering South East Asian and Chinese markets. 

YPB will supply its T2 tracer to Suzhou-Haishun Packaging and the Chinese giant will integrate it into an advanced foil application. T2 tracer will be used for verifying the authenticity of the product through the supply chain. Beijing Haihui Printing Co Ltd will use YPB ’s product authentication tracer and scanner technology for providing a counterfeiting-free label printing to its customers. 

The mix of YPB’s smartphone authentication solution and its SaaS Connect platform makes ‘smart’ packaging. This makes it a transparent and open-cost marketing channel between brands and their customers. Connect platform gathers essential data and with this, a curated marketing campaign can be generated. Read the full article here.