mPhase Technologies, Inc. recently announced two new channel partners for its Learning Track platform. Each channel partner with the company is targeted to expand to different customer verticals within their respective sales networks.

These two new channel partners are focusing on over 300 universities and institutions of higher education along with government, private training companies, and industrial and business clients outside of the Company’s previous geographic and occupational footprint. As the Company begins its next growth phase in the online learning and training space, these two new channel partners are expected to be an important source of additional recurring business

“Channel partners are going to play an important role in the growth of our platform,” said CEO Anshu Bhatnagar. “These sales organizations will enable us to more quickly establish our brand and generate exposure in key categories, particularly higher education. This will also help us achieve scale without having to invest heavily in a dedicated sales force. The training and testing space is waking up again after slowing during the pandemic. These new channel partner relationships are perfectly timed to benefit from a resumption of activity in the space. This type of business tends to be 80%+ recurring, so any new customers from these sales channels will add to our existing recurring revenue streams.”

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About mPhase Technologies

mPhase is a technology driven, innovative development company that creates and commercializes products and applications that impact everyday people. The Company is assembling industry-leading teams specializing in artificial intelligence, machine learning, software, consumer engagement, and other advanced technologies. Additional information can be found at the mPhase website,