Ingram Micro provides supply chain services to the rest of the world. With over 190 logistics in roughly 160 countries, the company serves more than 200,000 all over the world. Creative Realities Inc. (CRI), a provider of digital marketing solutions recently announced that Ingram Micro will now distribute the CRI Thermal Mirror. 

As businesses throughout the world grapple with the challenge of operating against the backdrop of COVID-19, we see increasing demand for solutions that protect the well-being of employees and customers, while ensuring businesses comply with local, state and federal health regulations,” said Craig Birmingham, VP and GM, Business and Consumer Solutions at Ingram Micro. “A leader in thermal screening, CRI offers a solution that’s ready for easy deployment, and able to scale quickly for use across even the largest enterprises.

Thermal Mirror offers great value compared to other off-the-shelf products. The solution is flexible enough and can be curated according to any business person’s needs. A centralized design and AI-enabled platform supports a wide range of workflows and can be customized for mass deployment. 

Temperature screening is a key component of any return-to-work plan, and our solution is ideal not just for monitoring temperature, but for aggregating and capturing these important data points to ensure businesses comply with relevant health regulations,” said Rick Mills, Chief Executive Officer of CRI. “We’re pleased that Ingram Micro chose to add the CRI Thermal Mirror to its portfolio of solutions. Together we offer a solution that’s ready to scale quickly to help businesses reopen for business in a way that safeguards employees and customers alike.” Read the full post here.