Cognitive Email Workbench solution enables the ability to increase query management and provide assistance in help desk operations. Infosys partnered up with Blue Prism back in 2017 and with the help of the company, Infosys developed the solution. Cognitive Email Workbench is integrated with AI that eliminates manual resolution and provides touch-less contact centers. The whole system combines the power of Infosys AI and NLP (Natural Language Processing) with Blue Prism intelligent automation platform and Optical Character Recognition.

The solution will be able to:

  1. Sense and address customers/partners query received on emails
  2. Understand customer intent by filtering out attributes from emails
  3. Suggest personalized and curated offers through customer analytics.

Upon the announcement Balakrishna D R, SVP, Service Offering Head – ECS, AI and Automation at Infosys said “Working with our clients, we are noticing two dominant trends – the need for them to be resilient to effectively address real-world problems; and accelerated intelligent automation adoption to leverage actionable insights. Together with Blue Prism, we are launching a solution that addresses both these imperatives while enabling enterprises to proactively and efficiently address their customer and partner queries. This is a validation of our partnership with Blue Prism and together, we will continue to launch industry-relevant intelligent automation solutions.” Read in detail.