Fusion Connect, a self-identified service provider has announced that it will work on a new service based on Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN solution. The company aims in improving the current network functionality while rationalizing the design structure. 

Fortinet is integrated with next-gen firewall and web filtering systems. With this technology, Fusion Connect will further strengthen its security system and provide a secure platform to its clients. 

“We are excited to expand our capabilities on top of our already comprehensive set of foundational products and services like broadband, fiber and wireless,” DeRiggi said. “The Fortinet SD-WAN technology complements our other offerings, creating even more choice to enable tailored networks at compelling price points for our customer needs of today and tomorrow.”

Fusion Connect will work side by side with Fortinet technical teams in providing a curated network with competitive prices to customers. 

Fusion Connect also offers an SD-WAN solution made with support from VMware VeloCloud. Windstream, another IT solutions provider also uses VMware WAN protection system. Windstream partnered with Fortinet to add a second SD-WAN solution to its list last year. And, now, Fusion Connect and Fortinet have joined hands in strengthening the networks. 

Fortinet’s vice president of products and chief marketing officer emphasized on this partnership by saying “Capable of self-healing SD-WAN option and advanced security, Fortinet’s secure SD solution will change the world and this step will help Fusion Connect in expanding their reach to the end of the world “. Read the full post here.