As one of the global leaders in cybersecurity products, Avast has over 435 million active users. It stands at the second position of having the largest market stake among all anti-virus application vendors worldwide. BCN Telecom, with its corporate headquarters in Morristown, New Jersey, is a communications technology solution provider of voice, data, cloud, and wireless services across all networks. 

The Avast Business has partnered with BCN Telecom as it offers cloud-based security solutions to its customers. The Avast Business Secure Internet Gateway service can scale businesses of all sizes and bandwidth. The collaboration can deliver secure internet gateway services having capabilities related to next-generation network security and comprehensive protection across multi-Locations, users, and devices. 

Since the secure internet gateway is deployed via cloud, it is simple and easy to manage and the deployment is convenient and cost-effective. With the world moving towards digitization, more businesses are coming online, the collaboration between Avast and BCN will create milestones for the future. BCN expanded its services by providing a cloud-based platform that helps in solving network related issues that poses security challenges for our customers. Read the full post.