Dialpad, a business VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has acquired Highfive and has ended the video-only conferencing era. The merging of two top-notch services will let Dialpad commence text messages, voice, and video calling on a single channel. 

This addition to the Dialpad service will grow the company’s portfolio along with adding enhancements to its video platform across the company’s business communications networks. Currently, there are no reports about financial details of the buyout. 

Craig Walker, Dialpad CEO said nowadays businesses are moving towards flexible solutions (e.g. work-from-home) for their employees. Therefore, it is essential for a company to invest a high-quality video solution to keep its employees feeling connected. 

When workers do head back into the office, the meeting room experience will have a high priority to support participants both inside and outside the office,” he said. “This acquisition means Dialpad partners can offer a greater number of work-from-anywhere solutions … from a single trusted vendor.”

Dialpad will use Highfive for turning home offices, huddle rooms, or office space into a business-friendly meeting room. The company said it will use current hardware and existing SIP-enabled conferencing providers but mixing Highfive technology to improve its capabilities.   

Craig said, “Better supporting hybrid work environments will be a requirement for partners,”. Being able to meet this need together with a vendor they’ve worked within the past and already trust, whether that be Dialpad or Highfive, makes life easier in many ways. Having an expanded product portfolio translates to partners having more ways to provide value to their new or existing customers, which in turn means more revenue” said Walker. Read in detail.