ConnectWise, a provider of intelligent software and expert services to TSPs (Technology Service Provider) recently announced that Channel Partners have selected Vice President of brand and ecosystem evangelism at ConnectWise, Arlin Sorensen, as 2020 Circle of Excellence Leader of the Year.

Sorensen’s role at ConnectWise began upon acquiring HTG Peer Groups in 2018. Since then Sorensen has put his enthusiasm and dedication towards the channel. His key role at the company is leading ConnectWise’s brand advocacy strategy along with the head of the IT services community. Sorensen is also acting as ConnectWise’s brand ambassador and contributes his time to peer group strategies.

Sorensen released a statement upon this achievement saying “I’m honored to be recognized for this award and credit it to the growth of our peer groups,”. “These groups provide timely information from different parts of the world and unique perspectives. When you have conversations with other partners in the space, it can promote fresh thinking. These communities also help people cope with the social and emotional challenges of these times. We don’t just focus on business; we focus on people. Being surrounded by individuals you trust and who genuinely care has had a significant impact on the peer groups throughout 2020” he said. Read the full post here.