American cloud-based company, Salesforces has signed a deal to acquire Mobify. The CRM giant broke the news saying the venture will provide modernized customer relationship management service. Mobify Research and Development Inc. is a leader in e-commerce solutions providing customers like Under Armor and Lancome engaging websites across multiple platforms and with this patch up, it will get a boost on spreading tailormade enterprise applications all over the world.

Mobify CEO Igor Faletski wrote, “Upon the close of the transaction, we look forward to joining the Salesforce family and partnering with even more Salesforce customers to unlock the freedom and flexibility to differentiate their digital customer experiences”.

Igor described the deal by saying “a modern storefront solution that will allow brands to customize their commerce experiences faster and more frequently, deliver an enhanced shopping experience across any channel, and further increase conversion and revenue to drive success in the digital-first economy.”

Back in 2016, Mobify signed a deal with B.C. tech company Pathful to acquire its machine learning technology that adapts to the user’s behavior. And now, the new deal will help Mobify in sending customs messages to the customers on behalf of brands while ensuring reduced spam messages. So far, none of the companies have released the terms and closing date of the deal.