RabbitRun organized a free virtual event on October 15th, 2020, on “RabbitRun Technologies’ SOHO SD-WAN Solution”, powered by Xeo Marketing and Strategic Consultancy. 

Brad Fischer, VP Channel Sales and Marketing at RabbitRun, spoke about the extent the Small Office Home Office (SOHO) market has not been the focus of SD-WAN vendors. He also elaborated on the digital transformation and Enterprise Quality networking this segment requires, with SD-WAN being the future of connecting these companies reliably to public cloud applications. 

With the ‘new normal’ moving towards a WFH setting in 2020, business network needs have grown significantly. They now require their employees to have a reliable, high-speed uninterrupted internet service, along with higher bandwidth capacity. Keeping this in mind, RabbitRun has specifically catered affordable plans suited to the pain-points of small businesses and home offices.

Pat Saavedra, Founder and CTO of RabbitRun, said, “Contrary to cloud SD-WAN beliefs, we do not require PoPs or gateways in the cloud for small business needs. This brings a significant reduction in complexity and cost to our partners’ SD-WAN economy.” This bold statement is also a differentiator for the RabbitRun solution and aids the company to focus on the Small & Home Office segment. 

He also spoke on statistics that indicated 20-30% of 58M employees in the U.S. will be working remotely long term due to the trend the pandemic kicked off several months back. For these critical business remote workers, SD-WAN system (Software-defined Wide Area Network) has never been more essential and in demand.

Essential questions to consider while picking your next service provider:

  • Will I face lost time due to outages/lags/degraded internet service?
  • Will the quality of my voice, video and business apps keep up with company standards?
  • Does the solution provide the tools and mechanisms for IT support to resolve my internet issues easily with WFH?
  • Am I paying too much for my current SD-WAN service?

Through various polls conducted on the webinar, a staggering 63% of attendees said they faced problems with lost time due to outages/lags/degraded internet service, and 25% said they had trouble with the quality while using Voice, Video and Business Apps. This webinar provided interactive infographics and visuals, along with in-depth case studies and product information for the ease of the user. If you missed the webinar on October 15th, we have you covered! Here’s the webinar recording for your viewing.

Benefits to RabbitRun’s Partners:

  • Affordable SD-WAN solution catered to the Small & Home Office market
  • Enterprise Class SD-WAN features for SOHO
  • No Points of Presence (PoP), tunnels or Gateways in the Cloud – allows you to be more competitive in this market
  • Improve Business Internet Quality and Reliability – Failsafe Video and Voice Meetings
  • Cloud Portal with Remote Jump Service 
  • Proprietary SD-WAN Technology
  • Advanced management of multiple provider connections 
  • Gain Cost Advantage & Failsafe Your Customers Business Apps
  • Zero Touch, Plug and Play install, Remotely Self Install in 10-20 Minutes
  • Integration option with the Partner Monitoring System

RabbitRun SD-WAN is your one-stop-solution to all your WFH network needs – helping your transition to WFH be a seamless and smooth process! Find out more, at https://www.rabbitrun.io. RabbitRun focuses on sales through channel partners. If you are a partner, please contact info@rabbitrun.io to see what their solutions can do for you and your Small Business & Home Office customers.