The Canadian Channel Partners (CCP) 2021 Conference is all set to launch in February in a hybrid format this year – keeping in mind the state of the pandemic the world is currently in. Facilitating both a virtual and on-site conference, this event will take place in Downtown Toronto, at the Westin Harbour Castle.

This conference has been around since 2016, and a booming success year on year. The event hosted by Xeo Marketing brings Technology Vendors & Channel Partners under a single umbrella to help exchange ideas, leading to future opportunities for channel partners in Telecom & Emerging Tech, VoIP, Cloud and Cybersecurity world! 

Here are 3 reasons why channel partners in North America should not miss the CCP 2021:

1. Insightful keynote speeches that are built to push your business growth through the COVID-19 barrier:

With the focus to push channel growth through the COVID-19 barrier, the upcoming event will bring in the best speakers to provide valuable keynote speeches, ranging from technical skills to sales and everything in between. Keynotes to note will be from Jay McBain & Leslie Joseph, two of the highest-rated and influential analysts from Forrester, that will equip attendees with thought-provoking strategies to grow their MSP business. Xeo Marketing has also invited representatives from the Canadian and US government to present a workshop on “How to Close an IT project with Government Agencies” – a big source of revenue for any MSP or reseller.

2. Seamless 3D virtual reality experience:

Channel Professionals in North America will have the luxury of attending the conference from the comfort of their home, with CCP 2021 offering a full range of virtual technology and remote conferencing. Using a seamless 3D virtual reality software that mimics the on-site conference setup, event attendees can stream live keynote speeches while they take place in real-time and also participate in fun event activities. The 3D VR setup also enables users to navigate the conference, as they would do on-site, to provide them with the optimal virtual experience and help them get a ‘real feel’ of the event. The CCP 2021 has also partnered with UberEats to have lunch delivered safely to every virtual attendee’s home, whether they are in Canada or the US.

3. Bringing back the pre-pandemic, 2019 ‘normal’:

Attendees in Toronto also have the option to attend the conference in person at the Westin Harbour Castle in downtown Toronto. Thorough safety measures have been put into place, to ensure all social distancing norms are met. The CCP 2021 will provide gloves and masks for all their attendees, with vendors meeting various attendees within their 2-hour time slot. The safety-first approach will allow channel partners to not only stream the event and presentations live while networking in-person and virtually with their peers and enjoying a delicious 5-star meal. 

While the pandemic continues to be in full swing, and the networking and business growth opportunities scarce – The Canadian Channel Partners 2021 Conference serves as a glimmer of hope. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s build those resilient relationships (virtually or in-person) and start the new year on a productive note!

Find out more information on the CCP2021 conference and register here.