Chooch AI, a computer vision Ai platform that replicated human visual tasks and processes, announces their Series A round led by venture capital firm Vickers Venture Partners and additional funding from 212, Streamlined Ventures, Alumni Ventures Group, Waterman Ventures and more. They gain enterprise and government customers with adaptable Ai training and deployments, being a leader in the industry in terms of speed and accuracy. This technology best serves sectors in the geospatial, healthcare, security, media, industrial and retail, and attract clients of the likes of Fortune 500 companies and the U.S. Government.

This company is also part of the NVIDIA Incepion and Metropolis programs and can be used on GPU powered edge devices as well as Personal Computers; allowing remote access of Ai models, devices and video streams from its system in the cloud.

Dr. Finian Tan, Vickers Venture Partners Chairman, said, “AI startups and established players in artificial intelligence often focus on vertical applications. Chooch has a bigger vision, a horizontal AI platform that provides flexible solutions for the common demands of many companies, regardless of industry.”

“Speed, accuracy and flexibility distinguish Chooch Al ultra-low latency application from all other computer vision technologies in the market today, which makes it a cutting edge investment for us,” said Numan Numan, Founding Partner of 212. “Breakthroughs and market growth numbers at Chooch AI are staggering,” 

Ullas Naik, Streamlined Ventures, said, “The Chooch AI platform provides extreme elasticity so that new machine learning models can be trained and deployed based on new business requirements within hours. This provides a massive competitive advantage to companies who integrate Chooch AI into their processes.” 

Chooch Ai is specifically built to process and work with visual data across a broad spectrum in the cloud or on edge devices and can detect objects, actions, processes, coordinates and more. 

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