Vendor of network security and cloud computer solutions Sangfor Technologies announced on Jan 4th that they were expanding the global Services of Sangfor Access, their Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) in the Asia-Pacific region. Global connectivity will increase with their newly established PoP and assure Sangfor a viable competitor as a SASE provider in the region.

Jason Yuan, VP of Sangfor Technologies said,

Changing business dynamics and the ongoing fight against COVID-19 are making a significant impact on the IT industry, with users working remotely with a need to access confidential data and applications.”

A combination of performance, scalability and SASE, Sangfor Access provides unified management for administrators and security policy enforcement” and safe internet access using cloud-based solutions for remote users.

Remote branch assets also require powerful protection – protection more traditional networks and security infrastructure are unable to provide. SASE greatly simplifies remote worker connection and remote asset protection and a simpler deployment and management experience, all within your budget.

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