Oregon-based insurtech Hawksoft has partnered with Georgia-based mPowered IT to increase their IT support, providing more accessibility to customers in the southeast. mPowered IT’s comprehensive IT services will boost Hawksoft’s infrastructure and influence within the region.

A full-service managed services provider, mPowered IT can meet the specific needs of insurance agencies and tackle difficult IT problems. Understanding the workflow of agencies and management systems eliminates the learning curve that has become a requirement for other service providers. Their level of service was exactly what brought Hawksoft to mPowered IT, reinforcing Hawksoft’s Ring of Fire which delivers Hawksoft’s services across the States.

VP of Marketing at HawkSoft, Rushang Shah said this,

Customers recognize the same dedication to service in mPowered IT, and we feel we’ve found another ally as passionate as HawkSoft in helping independent insurance agencies thrive.

CEO of mPowered IT, John Mamon said,

We are passionate about delivering a great customer service experience with every encounter. That starts with a commitment to responding to every service request in 15 minutes or less, and doesn’t end until the problem is fixed right and the customer is happy.

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