Press Release

Seattle-based Apiwiz, a Low Code APIOps Platform, today announced its partnership with Tonik, the first digital-only neobank in the Philippines, to accelerate banking services with regulatory compliance. The partnership marks a milestone in how digital banks can streamline the process of developing, building, and running APIs to boost financial inclusion and offer solutions for unbanked communities.

“We are excited to partner with Tonik, the leading digital bank in Southeast Asia, to accelerate their Open API banking initiative and drive new revenue streams,” says Darshan Shivashankar, the founder of Apiwiz. 

“Tonik’s vision of launching a purely digital bank to transform banking in Southeast Asia started in 2018. Central to this vision is the use of an open banking, multi-cloud, MI/AI-driven experience,” says Arivuvel Ramu, the CTO of Tonik. “Our collaboration with Apiwiz is instrumental in the enhancement of our Open API platform with the addition of API lifecycle management, developer portal, and consent management on top of our existing Google Apigee platform. These enhancements will accelerate connections across our partner’s ecosystem in Southeast Asia and monetization via API as a new business revenue channel by Q1 2022.”