Press Release

Fobi AI Inc. (Fobi), a leader in providing real-time data analytics through artificial intelligence announced a new partnership with Janam Technologies (Janam), a leading provider of rugged mobile computers and contactless access solutions. Together, Fobi and Janam offer end-to-end mobile wallet and hardware solutions for the sports and live entertainment, hospitality, retail and healthcare industries among others. The synergies between Janam’s industry-proven data capture devices and Fobi’s Wallet pass solutions are very exciting, particularly for venue management, and this partnership offers an entirely new level of service to organizations that want to improve access control, reduce fraud, gain real-time insights and enhance the customer experience.

“This partnership will deliver a significant win-win for organizations in the verticals we are targeting, as well as our current customers who will now gain access to more complete hardware and software solutions,” said Rob Anson, Fobi CEO. “The synergies between the two organizations and the target verticals align very well, and we are looking forward to going to market together with these joint solutions.”