Press Release

ZINFI Technologies, Inc. announced that it has been named a ‘Leader’ in its Winter 2022 G2 Grid® Report on the world’s top partner management software vendors. In addition to receiving the second-highest overall G2 Score—based on 133 product reviews made by actual verified users—ZINFI has also maintained its top position among competitors with its G2 Satisfaction Score for all segments and all regions in G2’s current real-time rankings.

“From the beginning, ZINFI has cultivated an intensely customer-centric work culture, and we take user feedback very seriously. While our G2 user ratings have been consistently excellent over the years, we understand that customer requirements are always evolving and we must continue to keep pace. These latest G2 scores for partner management software are a testament to our ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction as well as our determination to continually learn from clients as we develop new features and products.”