Press Release

Laurentian Bank of Canada announced a strategic partnership with Brim Financial (Brim), one of the fastest growing fintech companies in Canada and a licensed credit card issuer, to fuel its digital transformation and enhance its end-to-end customer journey for its suite of VISA products. Through this partnership, Laurentian Bank will integrate Brim’s unique Platform as a Service (PaaS) to accelerate the Bank’s digital capabilities, simplify its VISA ecosystem, close foundational gaps in its offering, and differentiate its products in the market. Laurentian Bank and Brim plan to bring the new experience to the market in 2022.

Brim is uniquely positioned in the market to support financial institutions through their digital transformation and re-platforming efforts by creating a seamless embedded finance experience. Brim enables its partners to replace legacy systems and in-house solutions with the first of its kind vertically integrated technology stack, solving for fragmented financial services and enabling every customer hub to be a delivery point of financial services. Brim is the only PaaS globally that bridges the issuance and merchant ecosystem under one vertically integrated platform.

“Brim delivers a fully integrated platform and experience to our partners. Our modular and innovative platform will enable transformative products and experiences seamlessly within Laurentian Bank’s ecosystem, providing customers with instant, enhanced benefits and the largest self-serve functionality in Canada. we’re thrilled to work together with Laurentian Bank to redefine banking services in Canada.”