ChannelTake is happy to present Unicon as the featured company of this week.

Headquartered in Germany, Unicon is a leading technology company and pioneer in thin client software. Unicon was recently in news for extending its services to include MSP licensing. As an expert in end-user computing and a leading software provider for  cloud devices, Unicon offers system houses and managed service providers (MSPs) a customized and  future-proof management solution. Scout MSP allows them to further expand their Workplace-as a-Service offering, position themselves as a trusted partner and increase their efficiency at the  same time. Scout MSP was developed specifically for the needs of MSPs and opens the potential for IT service providers to extend their “as-a-service offering” such as device-, workplace-, desktop-as-a-service  etc. using a highly secure, lean operating system (eLux®) and efficient device management  (Scout).

Here’s more from the Unicon team.


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New Ways of Working with Unicon

The working world is changing. Flexible working scenarios have now become a reality in many companies and are opening new opportunities. For IT departments, however, working from home and mobile working mean numerous challenges:

  • Employees need a smart digital workspace, no matter where they are working from.
  • A good working environment and smoothly functioning technology are the mainstays of modern work concepts.
  • The personnel resources of the IT departments generally remain the same, but the specialists have to take care of significantly more devices as employees not only have a fully equipped workspace in the office, but at home too.

Scale, manage and secure with Unicon: Successfully designing flexible work scenarios

Unicon solutions are ideal for enabling companies to deliver remote work, bring your own device (BYOD) and flexible end user computing scenarios. These solutions are best suited for VDI, DaaS use cases comprising of end-point devices such as thin clients, laptops, and desktop PCs.

eLux is an ultra light-weight, Linux-based, hardware agnostic, highly secure x86 end-point operating system purpose-built to help companies scale, and secure their end-user computing in complex VDI, DaaS environment

Unicon is an expert in end user computing and delivers powerful software solutions for a central IT infrastructure with the lean and hardware agnostic operating system eLux® and the management solution Scout.

“Unicon provides us with tremendous added value for our daily work. The challenges of the pandemic have clearly demonstrated this. The eLux operating system is resource-efficient and freely configurable, which allowed us to revive old devices easily and quickly.”


More than two million endpoint devices such as thin clients, laptops or desktop PCs are currently operated and managed using the software in over 65 countries worldwide. From banking and insurance to the public sector and industry, companies rely on Unicon to ensure secure data access. The focus is on efficiency in terms of human as well as time and financial resources, as well as on the security of data. All endpoints in complex, distributed environments can be managed and connected centrally and transparently.

Strong Partnerships & Unicon Partner Program (UPP)

Unicon works with leading VDI and digital workspace providers such as Citrix, VMware, Microsoft, and many more, to enable business agility and continuity.

The IT channel is 100% in focus at Unicon. Unicon’s partner program (UPP) is designed to be as efficient and clear as its software solutions, so you benefit from a straightforward collaboration.

“The IT channel is a clear focus for us and therefore we have put a lot of energy into expanding our team over the past months. We have great plans – starting with our MSP program, which we will launch soon, to joint service offerings with major resellers. The market can be excited.”


Register on Unicon partner portal “myelux” and get started right away. You benefit from:

  • Special offers and incentives
  • Access to the Unicon Partner Portal
  • Drive opportunities for your business
  • Access to branding and co-marketing assets
  • Learning resources and certification courses
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